Criminal Defense Attorney in Evanston

Being the subject of criminal allegations in Illinois can be a confusing and stressful experience. Fortunately, you don’t have to face your case alone. If you’ve been accused of criminal charges in Illinois, contact the Shambee Law Office, Ltd. for aggressive legal representation you can trust.

Scope of Criminal Defense Practice

With years of experience, the Shambee Law Office, Ltd. handles all types of criminal cases at the state and federal level. We understand how to make the courtroom work for a client and don’t take shortcuts. Start protecting your future by calling our office today to schedule a free consultation.

State Crimes

All criminal charges are serious and warrant the advice of an experienced and skilled criminal defense attorney. At the Shambee Law Office, Ltd., our aggressive attorneys handle all misdemeanor and felony criminal cases at the state level. We are equipped to handle situations including but not limited to domestic violence, sex crimes, theft, assault & battery, white collar, and violent crimes.
Our attorneys will leave no stone unturned when investigating your case and protecting your freedom. Call our office today to speak with a competent criminal defense attorney.

What Is Felony DUI?

A felony DUI—also known as an aggravated DUI — can be charged in a couple of ways. For instance, third offense DUI or DUI accidents resulting in death or significant bodily injury carry harsh penalties, including 3-7 years in prison, license revocation for ten years, and criminal fines up to $25,000. Moreover, subsequent offenses may be accompanied by a lifetime license revocation and up to a 30-year prison sentence.
If you are facing a serious traffic offense in Illinois, you have no time to waste. Call the Shambee Law Office, Ltd. today to schedule a free consultation.

Federal Crimes

A federal crime is an offense that violated federal law or are crimes committed on federal property or Indian reservations. While any crime can trigger a federal case, the government has typically focused prosecution on complex drug cases, cyber crimes, financial and fraud crimes, counterfeiting, and weapons charges.
When it comes to prosecuting such crimes, the Federal Government is typically more equipped financially and in resources. They spend an enormous amount of time investigating and building a case against defendants. Moreover, federal judges are generally required by law to impose specific harsh sanctions, which typically involve long incarceration periods.
So, if you are facing a federal criminal charge in Illinois, you should contact the Shambee Law Office, Ltd. Not all attorneys are qualified to defend you in federal courts, but we are. Our legal team has a thorough understanding of federal laws and is well versed in the rules and penalties governing national criminal case procedures.

Serious Traffic Offenses

The Shambee Law Office, Ltd. also handles more severe traffic offenses including felony DUIs.

The Shambee Law Office, Ltd. Handles State & Federal Criminal Defense Cases in Illinois

At the Shambee Law Office, Ltd., our goal is to prevent charges from being filed or the dismissal of all charges against you. We understand the inner workings of the intricate criminal justice system and will work diligently to protect the rights of our clients until the very end. The prosecution won’t wait and neither should you. Call our office to schedule a free consultation and get started on your criminal defense today.

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