“Unlawful Use of a Weapon by a Felon”

Result – Client was facing mandatory jail time. After extensive motions and negotiations with the State, we were able to help the client to avoid spending his time in jail. We were able to negotiate the least amount of time available for this charge and the client did not have to spend any of that time behind bars. The client was able to spend all of his time home with his family until the resolution of this matter. The entire family was happy and he has another chance at life. Congratulations to him and his family!

“Copyright Infringement”

Result – Shambee Law Office filed suit against unknown defendants in a Copyright Infringement torrent case. One of the defendants filed several motions in defense against the case. After several months of motions and hearings, Shambee Law Office was able to settle with some of the defendants and obtain judgments against several of the other defendants in the torrent cases.

“Violation of Child Relocation Statute”

Result – Although mother was the residential parent, she violated the Illinois child relocation statute when she left the jurisdiction without the consent of the court or the father. The father filed a Petition for Rule against mother in an attempt to have the court change its ruling and have the minor to live with him. Shambee Law stepped in for the mother to protect the mother and defend against the petition. After filing a response and petitions on behalf of the mother, the court held a hearing. After a four hour hearing and putting on evidence in favor of the mother and against the father, despite the mother's violation of the law, the court found in favor of the mother and allowed her to keep her son and stay outside the jurisdiction. The client was extremely happy and grateful that she and her son were able to stay in their home outside the jurisdiction of the court.


Result – Client came to SLOL with a battery case. After trying to get the complainant to drop the case due to frivolous allegations, we took it to trial. After the prosecutor put on its case, the evidence of a video was enter and we crossed the State's witnesses, the court was able to determine the truth. Our client was found not guilty. Congratulations to the client and may they never have to encounter this complaining witness again.

“Aggravated Speeding”

Result – Client presented to us with an aggravated speeding ticket which is a misdemeanor in Illinois. This means, if convicted, he would have a criminal record. We were able to negotiate with the prosecution to lower the charge to a minor moving violation, which was just a traffic ticket, where he only got minor fees and supervision. The client avoided a criminal record and walked away with supervision on a traffic ticket only. Congratulations to him.

“Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault”

Result – Client was facing years in jail along with registering as a sex offender. After working with the client and taking it to trial, the jury found him not guilty on all counts!! Congratulations to him and his family. Now he can have a new beginning.